Fast Security

The brief was that Saab had produced a car for the future called Fast Security.
Our task was to set the identity and tone for this car and create a website to attract people for future releases.

In close collaboration with four people from the web development and computer graphic design courses, My partner in crime Camille and I took this project on for the ride.

We wanted to create something that had a alluring tone that breathes contemporary and future at the same time. It was important for us to keep the Scandinavian sense of freedom and to have a confident personal language with a strong belief that we have the right way to go.

I think we succeeded in our goal of creating a feeling that this could be you in the present which creates a craving to have this car that does not yet exist.

I was involved in:
Branding, Tone of Voice on the images, UI for web, UX for web, Copy.