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Music Player - Deep Indie Rock

I was given the task of designing a music player that would suit the deep indie rock music genre.

First, I tried to identify the genre and bring that feeling down to a style-scape. Based on style-scape, I had something to start from and was able to start designing the player to capture this indie crowd.

The feeling I got from the deep indie artists and the audience is that there are a bunch of hipsters who like clothes, photos and aesthetics. That's why I tried to come up with a modern design with a focus on pictures and a rather poppy finish. Details like the spinning disc, pictures and info about the artists attract the geeky indie listeners.

I wanted to go pretty easy on the colors and fonts to not take to much attention from these music lovers.
I found that turquoise color on a bunch of different photos when I was looking at bands in the genre. To that I only added black, greyish and white.
Futura Bold/Medium/Light fitted good with the design and found som lookalikes on some covers.

// Frank Hagen